Change knows just how to bring out the fear of the in me, like the sunsetting brings out the darkness.

I’m not gonna lie and say I find change easy and no matter how much change occurs in my life, somehow it always comes as a surprise to me. Yet, I’m learning to cope with and maybe excite in change.

Coming to uni is one of the biggest changes I’ve faced yet. I can’t say that I was prepared for it. I was ready to be independent, I have been for a while (or at least I thought I was). I was prepared to shop, cook and clean for myself. I was excited by the thought of finally having a place to call my own and to make a home of it.

I guess it never came to mind, all that I’d miss; currently miss my families a whole lot.

I miss:

⁃ the subtle smell of coffee and the sound of laughter from the household.

⁃ 80s music sang(/shouted) and the tv on at dinner but only for Strictly.

⁃ late dinner times, talking about anything that comes to mind.

⁃ a hand holding mine when I get that wobbly feeling and a voice reassuring me I’m doing great.

Yes there have been tears, and if you know me or as you get to know me, you’ll know that was a given.

But I’m also learning to love a lot more. Transforming thing I miss into things I appreciate.

Learning to see the stars in the darkness.

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