WES Student Conference 2018

I was granted a funded position at the WES (women in engineering society) Student Conference 2018, which happened only last week.

The event was like no other, I’ve attended. I was surrounded by likeminded people who were passionate about engineering and gender equality. This meant that the conversation flowed really naturally, instead of the awkwardness of cooperate networks, and that I felt like I was in my element.

I enjoyed the speakers and panels but as a first year, I’m aware a lot of the things that were discussed I have limited understanding of, but I will bare them in mind as I continue on my education journey. There was a bridge building a exercise, which really make me feel nostalgic of building structure out of any stationary I could find.

My Bridge Building Team

My highlight of the whole conference was a workshop I attended called ‘shaping your career around your values’ or authenticity 101, as I like to call it. I have been trying to live my life authentically since I discovered Berné Brown, but I realised that only extends to my personal life. In the workshop we were challenged to create our personal emblem. This included:

◦ what success look like to me

◦ what values I want to possess and categories these values

◦ an aspirational personal tagline

I keep my personal emblem by my bed, as a daily reminded. Since the event I’ve been leading each day of my life focusing on one of the values aspire to have.

Yay for personal development!!

All in all, WES student conference was amazing. I have a girl crush on Elizabeth Donnelly, WES CEO, so I’m gonna end with a quote of hers.

Women in engineering will stand out because there are few of us and because we approach situations differently. Instead of ignoring difference or trying to compress women into a man-shaped box. It is important to embraces differences because it expands the box and gives it more value- Elizabeth Donnelly

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