My first of 5 Christmas’

So I don’t have a nuclear family, we are rather far from it. I’d say I have 5 families all of which I am celebrating the festive season with.

The first of which is my flat 34 family.

We’re a group of random students which were allocated the same flat by chance but over the last two months we have grown to realise how damn lucky we are to have each other.

I’ll introduce you to my flat family

Dad-Willy- an old soul with a flare for fashion. He is always up for a cuppa tea and a bit of cheese.

The sisters

  • Bex- the artistic sister who knows more about Shakespeare and fine novels then I’ll ever forget. Loves a glass (or bottle) of wine.
  • Phoebe- wholesome sister, who loves to get “spoopy” or festive when ever possible. Loves gin and Manchester.
  • Ella- vibey sister, on that yeezy drop. Founder of girls night, still a big time beliber.
  • Jenny- wild sister, who loves to party. Maybe the nicest person on the planet. Knows everyone on campus. High key poshest family member.

I’m also a sister.

Half sisters-

  • Jingyu- baby of the flat, workaholic. Distant but knows how to turn up.
  • Rachel-Best drunk dancer. Bakes for a different cause every day. Crushing on every boy on campus.

The brother-Kelan and Mengwen-The twins, you never really know what they’re thinking but from time to time they surprise you by being rather nice. Top scores on the chunder chart and a trip to A&E, need I say anymore.

Half brother- Kenneth-Shy at first but a legend. Knows who to get a party started. Keeps the peace.

And that is my flat family, we may be crazy, quirky and bordering on insane. But these people got me through the first term of university and I couldn’t love them more.

Bring on next term !

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