My fifth of 5 Christmas’

My final Christmas was with my biological family. It’s far from a traditional Christmas yet it feels just as merry as any other Christmas.

Firstly, my father visited me at university. This is the first time he’s come to see me on campus and we had a great time. Despite the notorious British weather putting a damper on the whole visit (pardon the pun), it was amazing to have him see where I’ve been living for the last three months.

Maybe we didn’t have a turkey dinner or any figgy pudding but as self proclaimed chefs we managed to muster up some lovely dishes that could rival tradition.

My fifth Christmas continued with the unorthodoxies as I then travelled south to spend time with my mother.

There’s nothing quite like spending time with your mother. For me our time together entailed: sampling her new favourite food, snuggling up to blankets in front of the tv, to watch a random assortment of weekday television and indulging in hugs, which I have been craving for in months.

It may appear I don’t value my birth family as I have managed to acquire many more families but I love my birth family for teaching me to love so openly, allowing me to develop such wholesome relationships that I have multiple ‘families’.

Happy holiday everyone!