New year, same me

I love New Years for all the new beginning they bring. I am truly infused by the energy everyone has in January to make progress and I’m always happy to celebrate the success and growth that I’ve experienced.

But I am not under any illusions, I am still me.

And that is not a bad thing.

I have finally begun to feel content with who I am, and gosh it feels great. I want to bring this positive energy into 2019 and into all aspects of me life.

Therefore I’d like to share some highlights of my year with you:

  • Completely my A levels

It was a great accomplishment for me and a step further towards becoming an engineer.

  • Traveling with my love ones during the summer

It was a summer of me feeling more carefree and happy then I have ever felt before.

  • Starting my degree at Warwick University

It has been an experience and I am really enjoying the new adventures University brings.

  • Attending the WES student conference

It was such an motivating event, I loved feeling such unity with everyone at the event.

  • Being selected to be a WWES scholar and a IET Horizons Scholar

It was such a pleasant surprise and I’m excited to be a more active in promoting engineering to all people.

So bring on 2019 !!