Lunch for One

Lunch for one isn't just an opportunity for you to overindulged without feeling judged but to satiate your being and in doing so further cermets the habit of self care. As always this blog is more about my self development then any academic or social... and more likely the lack of. Recently I've had an … Continue reading Lunch for One


I’m running the Oxford half marathon in October in aid of Alzheimer’s uk a charity which is really close to my heart. But in all honesty I’ll be running for myself. Running for the me I’ve become, unapologetic, uninhibited me. No longer suppressing her personality for others, no longer aware of others judgment, but relishing … Continue reading Running

My fourth of 5 Christmas’

This was the grandest of all my Christmas'- in number of people and festive-ness The halls were appropriately decked, fires were crackling and hearts warmed. I was ecstatic to be invited to Christmas dinner with my partner and their family. All year I have been eagerly awaiting the Christmas period to spend time with this … Continue reading My fourth of 5 Christmas’

My Second of 5 Christmas’

This Christmas wasn’t really a Christmas but more of an time of advent. Preparing for all the excitement to come, which is captured in Christmas. It began with an activity filled afternoon. Making wreaths, munching on mince pies, decorating ornaments and jamming to festive tunes. Getting me right into the Christmas mood. This mood didn’t … Continue reading My Second of 5 Christmas’